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Monthly Archives: November 2014

‘Lest we Forget’

lest we forget

‘Lest we Forget’ – a remembrance of WW1
Pupils past and present have been performing their WW1 dance to a wider audience during the month of November as we remember all those men and women who tragically lost their lives in the horrific war that was supposed ‘to end all wars’.

We were honoured to be asked to dance for the official opening of the Whitecross School replica World War One Trench. It was an incredibly moving occasion.

On November 11th we were invited to be part of the ‘Lest we Forget’ performance at The Courtyard Theatre. Both of these events included students who have moved on to Wigmore High School and Lady Hawkin’s; so we were justly proud of those students too who gave up their time to come back to commemorate this historic time. We are also indebted to Janene Wyatt of Dancefest for her inspiration and encouragement.

We have included some poetry the children wrote in response to the very moving story of Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. All this work has ensured there is a generation of young people at Shobdon School who will not forget. WW1 Pupil Poetry poppy




The BLOODHOUND Project is a global Engineering Adventure, using a 1000 mph World Land Speed Record attempt to inspire the next generation about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. To commit to this inspirational project Shobdon School now has their name on the fin! We can’t wait for the record attempt.