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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Arboretum and Ledicot Trenches Trip

On Tuesday 27th November, Arboretum and Ledicot Classes visited Park Hall Farm near Oswestry to experience a day in WW1 replica trenches.  It was a valuable ‘hands-on’ experience which brought the time soldiers spent in the trenches to life.










The children had a small taste of life for a soldier during WW1 from the cramped conditions on the front line to the weight of the guns and kit they had to carry. The experience was made even more real for the children because of the cold and wet weather! 

Creating shops in Arches class

Arches class children have been busy creating their own shops as part of literacy this week. They have labelled their items in detail using joining words to extend their sentences. What exciting shops, selling quite a mixture of items!
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Anti-bullying Week 2018

Last week we wore odd socks as part of Anti-Bullying Week 2018 to help raise awareness of the Anti Bullying Alliance.  It was an opportunity for children to express themselves and celebrate what makes us unique. There was no pressure to wear the latest fashion or buy expensive costumes.

Mark making and early writing in Airfield Class

This week we have all been very keen to participate in mark-making activities to develop our early writing skills. Providing simple writing materials – notepads, clipboards and a purpose to write really engages children in writing activities. We spent time assessing the outdoor pirate ship as inspectors and ‘wrote’ our findings on the clipboards. We played at cafes and wrote lists of what our customers would like to eat.                                              We even designed an amazing airport and added lots of details including a ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ lane.

Many of the children are beginning to use the letters that they have been taught to write down simple words and phrases. What clever children we are!




Remembrance Day Poppies

As part of our activities to commerate the centenary of the end of the First World War every child in the school has made a poppy. It has been such a thought provoking and emotive week as the children reflected upon the scarifices given by those in WW1.

Our tribute to our heroes from yesteryear continues next week when we invite Mr Weston, a local First World War historian to speak to Arboretum Class about life for local men who served overseas in the Great War. We also look forward to seeing the trenches that the children have been making as part of their home-learning projects.

We will remember them.