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Class 3 Star Writers

Class 3 have been looking at story openings and how to build suspense.

Jake Year 5

On the Road.

The man was stood next to the dirt road, waiting for a lift. Finally a car arrives. It stops. The driver asked ‘need a lift’? The man said nothing …

The man got in the car. The driver asked ‘do you want to go to the gas station’? The man said nothing. Then the driver stared into the man’s goggles. He could see something. A car falling off a cliff. He panicked and drove over the edge. The man got out in time. He waited for another lift…

Milo Year 5


Frances and her family went to the edge of California, they were camping in a small forest. Frances was quite a rebel but she never thought that night … it might happen. Frances always loved being alone and relaxing in the dark. So that night she crept out of her tent and went down through the dark forest to the jetty. Walking along the creaky jetty she reached the boat. As she got in the water rippled through the lake. She rowed for about 20 minutes and then she relaxed down. But then she heard two knocks. She was a bit worried. Frances thought she had hit land or a stick but it was still water all around her. She settled down for 10 minutes. Just when she was relaxed two more louder knocks came. She was very worried. She tried to row but realised she was going nowhere…