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December 2018
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  • December 12, 20181.30pm - Y1-Y6 Christmas Performance
  • December 13, 20186pm - Y1-Y6 Christmas Performance
  • December 14, 20182pm - Airfield Class Church Nativity
  • December 16, 20184pm - Shobdon Church Carol Service
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Airfield and Arches welcome Father Christmas to Shobdon


Today Airfield and Arches Class walked down to the airfield dressed up in their festive hats to meet a very special person! On arrival we were met by Mrs Claus who told us that Father Christmas was on his way. As we peered high into the sky we spotted a tiny dot far off in the distance…could this be Father Christmas? On closer inspection it was a bird! After a few minutes Mrs Claus held up her radio and we listened intently to Father Christmas telling us he was preparing to land. Everybody looked up again and started to wave as a gyrocopter came into sight. A red coat and white beard could be spotted – Father Christmas was coming in to land. We were all enthralled as Father Christmas landed and began to chat to the children who had written Christmas lists. We even had the opportunity to ask some super questions! Did you know that Father Christmas won’t tell you his age but will reveal that he is old, old,old!

Soon enough it was time for Father Christmas to jet off to continue to help his millions of elves stack all the presents on the sleigh ready for Christmas Eve. Mrs Claus invited us into the cafe for a drink and biscuit. We even received a magical Christmas bell. 


A huge thank you to all at Shobdon Aeroclub. What a magical Christmas tradition our visits have become!


Beegu the baby alien has landed!

On Thursday afternoon Airfield Class were spotting signs of winter  when Mr Nichols came running down the path. He reported seeing  a strange silver object in the air that was making a whizzing and popping sound. He said that he thought that it might have crashed at the bottom of the playground. We hurried over to see what it was and found a tiny spaceship amongst the trees. Sam thought there might be an alien about too and of course we knew it must be very tiny as the spaceship was so small! We were very quiet as we didn’t want to scare it. With gentle footsteps and whisper voices we crept along the field looking out for anything that might look like an alien until Hollie spotted something yellow nestled amongst the branches of a tree. It was a baby alien!

We have decided to look after our baby alien until she is able to travel home again!


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